4 Pack Chopped Beef Enchilada  4パック入り ビーフエンチラダ

4 Pack Chopped Beef Enchilada 4パック入り ビーフエンチラダ

  • ¥2,300

Chopped Beef Enchilada x 4 Pack ビーフエンチラダ x 4 パック入り

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All of our Pink Cow Burritos & Enchiladas are Original recipes, Handmade with real ingredients! Flour tortillas wrapped around a delicious and healthy variety of beans, meats, cheese, spices and vegetables depending on your taste!


What is an Enchilada?


Much like a burrito, an enchilada is a hot Mexican dish smothered in a chipotle chili & tomato sauce and baked. Our Pink Cow Enchiladas are a variety of tasty ingredients wrapped in a flour tortilla and baked in our homemade, original chipotle enchilada sauce.

エンチラーダはチポトレ (唐辛子の燻製)、チリ、トマトの辛口ソースをかけて焼き上げたブリトーに近いものです。