4 Pack Black Bean, Veggie & Cheese Burritos  4パック入り ブラックビーン,ベジ&チーズブリトー

4 Pack Black Bean, Veggie & Cheese Burritos 4パック入り ブラックビーン,ベジ&チーズブリトー

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Black Bean, Veggie & Cheese Burritos x 4 Pack 4パック入りブラックビーン,ベジ&チーズブリトー 

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All of our Pink Cow Burritos & Enchiladas are Original recipes, Handmade with real ingredients! Flour tortillas wrapped around a delicious and healthy variety of beans, meats, cheese, spices and vegetables depending on your taste!



What is a Burrito?


A burrito (“little donkey” in Spanish) is a Mexican hot sandwich rolled in a flour tortilla and grilled or steamed. In Mexican folk history a man named Juan Méndez sold tacos at a street stand in Ciudad Juárez during the Mexican Revolution period (1910–1921), while using a donkey as a transport for himself and his food. To keep the food warm, Méndez wrapped it in large homemade flour tortillas underneath a small tablecloth. The term burrito is said to come from "food of the burrito" (i.e., "food of the little donkey")


メキシコの昔話でジュアン メンデスと言う男がメキシコ革命(1910-1921)の最中シダー・フアレスの路上でタコスの販売をしていました。メンデスはロバで移動してる間食べ物が冷えないように自家製の小麦粉のトルティーヤで食べ物を包んだそうです。